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Crosstown Arts: Richard Lou – Stories On My Back

Stories On My Back, a large-scale multi-media installation incorporating audio, video, digital photographs, and tamale leaves created by Memphis artist Richard Lou. The installation, never before seen in its entirety in Memphis, is an immersive experience alluding to a ceremonial site where people come to share their stories and personal histories.

Help Us Continue to Give

Centro Cultural is a non-profit organization. We are driven by the support and enthusiasm of our local community, especially our youth. Your donation will allow us to continue to deliver and enhance our cultural art programming that promotes and strengthens Latino culture in the Memphis region. In addition, it validates the efforts of our volunteer based Centro leaders/organizers/workers that strongly believe Latino culture is a vital and necessary component in creating a vibrant, healthy, and diverse community.

Vendor Application for Tamale Fest

The Tamale Fest has opportunities for food and art vendors to sell your goods and promote your products and services. If you are interested in participating in the event then please submit the brief vendor application. A member of the Tamale Fest organizing committee will contact you with more details and all necessary application forms.

Volunteer for Tamale Fest!

Centro Cultural is in need of volunteers to make this year's Tamale Fest fundraising event a success. Please sign up here and someone will contact you soon to confirm your participation. Thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering to support Centro Cultural. To stay up to date on festival activities, follow us on Facebook (Centro Cultural), Twitter (CulturalLatino) and explore our website at www.centrocultural.us

Detrás de cada platillo, hay miles de historias

La muerte del Chef Carlos Llaguno García desencadenó una crítica del paladín de los miles de empleados latinoamericanos que diariamente servimos millones de comidas al día en los Estados Unidos... "Hay miles de historias que se cocinan detrás de cada alimento servido, que merece la pena ser escuchados." Rafael Figueroa

Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.

— Benito Juárez
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